Dog Designer Launches Couture Line

The Dog Designer launches couture clothing line, "Little Socialites" in Fall issue of Modern Dog magazine! Each of these glamourous pieces is fitted and handmade for your dog.

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About Molle Tache

Few gifts fulfill the needs of both dog and human. The Molle Tache mission is to create endearing experiences for dogs and their people to last a lifetime.

Each experience includes the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces or collections of furniture, luxury doghouses, beds, handmade toys or couture articles of clothing. It's your choice.

Each project is created as personal, expressive experiences centered on your dog's personality, your relationship and life together.

Mike Spears is the Dog Designer® and creative force behind Molle Tache. His extraordinary design range offer experience fitting for any dog's place, personality and penchant.

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The Dog Designer Fashion Gallery
Dog Designer Fashion Gallery

High fashion couture for the little socialite in your life!
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The Dog Designer Furniture Gallery
Dog Designer Furniture Gallery
Play, sit, stay, sleep. Discover the wonders of a Molle Tache bed!
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YES! It's a stagecoach. The ultimate dog bed has arrived!
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Silly Dog Toys: 12 easy projects to make your dog smile by Mike Spears, the Dog Designer

Mike Spears' book "Silly Dog Toys: 12 easy projects to make your dog smile" has been featured in Modern Dog, Dog Fancy and Bark! magazines. Bark and Modern dog have each published projects from the book for their readers.

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